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Hair Piece Classification
May 04, 2018

According to the material can be divided into real hair piece, wig hair piece.

The clips on the hair piece can be divided into a clip hair piece, two clip hair piece, three clip hair piece, five clip hair piece and so on. The five clip hair piece can also be called a one-piece wig piece.

According to the hair width can be divided into 4CM hair piece, 8CM hair piece, 16CM hair piece, 25CM hair piece.

According to the wig hair material can be divided into high temperature hair hair piece, ordinary hair hair piece.

Wearing method

1. Decide on where to wear the hair piece and start the upper layer of hair from both sides of the ear

Hair piece wearing method

2. Insert the hair piece into the hairline of the lower layer and press the clip so that it is firmly clipped to the hair

3, put down the hair, combined with it, and as a hair, comb the hair