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4 Simply Stunning Wigs For Oblong Face Shapes
Jan 10, 2019

4 Simply Stunning Wigs For Oblong Face Shapes

It can be challenging at first to find the right wig for an oblong face, but fear not! We've done all the work for you and made a list of the best wigs to flatter your unique face shape.

Product shown is Platinum 106 by Louis Ferre

If you’re not sure what type of shape you have, the oblong facial shape features:

● A relatively long and narrow face. With an oblong (also known as rectangular) face, your head is longer than it is wide, and your chin and forehead are likely both long.

● Straight, rather than curved, cheeks.

● A strong jawline and distinguished eyebrows.

● A few celebrity doppelgangers—actresses like Liv Tyler and Courteney Cox are your look-alikes!

If that’s you, read on and try one of these four synthetic and human hair wigs: any of these stunning styles will help balance and enhance the natural beauty of your facial shape!

Platinum 106 by Louis Ferre

Product shown is Platinum 106 by Louis Ferre

If you prefer a mid-length, human hair wig, Platinum 106 might be your perfect match! Platinum 106 features unique, silky layers and wispy bangs that will widen your face and give your cheeks the illusion of a curve. And because it’s a human hair wig, your styling possibilities are almost endless: for oblong facial shapes, curls and waves are your friend! If you’re aiming for something glamorous, try the Creamy Cocoa shade!

Voltage by Raquel Welch

Product shown is Voltage by Raquel Welch

This bestseller is the way to go for a simple, affordable short style! This stylish synthetic wig is all things feathered and wispy, and full of personality. Whether your style is smooth and sleek or messy and laid-back, Voltage has you covered. Its wispy bangs will help distract from the length of your forehead, and the short cut will visually help shorten the length of your face.

Zara by Jon Renau

Product shown is Zara by Jon Renau

Oblong facial shapes usually want to stay away from long locks, but Zara is a beautiful, eye-catching exception. This synthetic lace front wig’s layers and volume will help widen and minimize the length of your face. Zara is also lightweight with feathered ends, so you won’t have to worry about weighing down your head. I personally love the Cinnamon Syrup shade with its mix of golden brown and honey blonde coloring. Pair it with some big, wide sunglasses and you’ll look like you just stepped off the red carpet!

Sienna Exclusive by Jon Renau
Product shown is Sienna Exclusive by Jon Renau

Lace front wigs are always a safe bet for quality, but Sienna Exclusive is pure excellence. This mid-length human hair wig looks beautiful with big, bouncing curls, soft waves, or stick straight layers. If you go for a curly look, this wig will really help highlight your face and neck’s best features and help to balance the straight, narrow quality of your facial shape. Sienna Exclusive is also part of the Renau Naturals collection, which means it features all-natural, vibrant hues without dye!

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